The Doctrine of the Trinity as a False Accretion

The doctrine of the Trinity supposedly forms a (or else THE) central concept at the nexus of theology proper.  But this concept never attended the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels at all — not even peripherally.  How can this be?  Even more telling is the fact that with all the sermon material we have from the apostles in the Book of Acts, we have not one — not one — word about the “central teaching” of the later Church.  This seems a preposterous situation.

But wait. It gets worse.  In the Septuagint, it turns out that its language actually has no dynamic equivalent for the LATIN word “Trinitas,” which was first offered by a Carthaginian Lawyer named Tertuallian (ca. AD 210).  Carthage had been a Phoenician outposts from about the 3rd century B.C.  Phoenicians?  Yes, boat-faring peoples who did a great deal of fishing, known to present historians from about the 10th or 9th centuries BC.  In the OT, think Jezebel.

Here — at Carthage and not at Rome — Latin flourished at the earliest of Mediterranean cities.  According to Dr. Bruce Metzger (peace be upon him), by about AD 250, Greek was still the most popular tongue at Rome, not Latin. This was also the most likely place for the old version of the Latin Vulgate to have arisen.  The term “trinitas” had to arise only within a linguistic context in which the Church had begun to give up the catholic Greek tongue, since in the Alexandrian tongue of 250 to 100 BC — the time of the making of the Greek OT — there simply was no word for, nor any circulating concept of, a “trinity” or its equivalent.  This was much too early for any such idea to have arisen.

Since both Jesus and the apostles show no sign of even knowing about such a concept, and since their Bible, the diaspora Greek OT, has no way even to utter (by way of ink) the very word or to express the idea, it can hardly remain a palpable idea that somehow the doctrine was taught in the Bible, its just that the Bible and the New Testament Lord (and his apostles) did not know this.  Maybe Tertullian should have tried backgammon.


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