Islam Refuted: The Doctrine of Tanzih

The Koran would have us to believe that “God is altogether unlike any creature.”    If true, this would mean that neither man nor woman would have been created in God’s image; and yet the same book wants us to believe that men — but not women — are created in the divine image (the image that does not exist, and which affirmation represents extreme idolatry).

Espousing this kind of radical disjunction between the human and divine would mean that God could not be responsible for the writing of the so-called “holy book” of Islam.  This would make Him an author, which places him alongside longfellow and Keats.  Many creatures are authors and so rendering God as an author a well would ruin his “comprehensive difference” from us intended by the doctrine of tanzih in the first place.  Either the Koran was authored by God (not likely) — and thus God is like us (refuting the Koran’s doctrine of tanzih) — or else God really is radically different from us in every way, and thus could not be the Koranic author — refuting the Koran’s claim of divine inspiration.

Either way, the Koran fails once it affirms both divine authorship (it’s own) and yet the impossibility of divine authorship — given God’s extreme difference from all that is human, including authorship.

We have already noted as well the many apocryphal doctrines in the Bible, which the Koran has absorbed, the false doctrines of demons, angels, heaven, hell, the inspiration of the Bible by prophets, the fulfillment of divinely-inspired prophecy, and the like.  Transcendence is not from some personal inspiring agent, but from the light of nature.  The Koran simply adopted these categories and doctrines from the Jewish and Christian Bible(s), creating an entire religion out of apocryphal teaching.  How sad.


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