Two Ways To Ramp Up the Global Economy

1. have the G 20 nations meet and agree each one to invest 10% of the money it collects annually in taxes in the global market, with 20% in gold, silver and platinum.  They could stagger their entries to reduce volatility, with 1% per month each invested.  This would collapse the unemployment market, and create a global economic boom.  The rest of the nations would follow golden suit.  This would cause far more people to pay their taxes, since their April 15th contributions would then cause their 401k’s to prosper significantly.  Here, it pays to pay your taxes, thus turning a grievous liability (April 15) into a significant asset (Roth IRA value accretion) — see Rich Dad, Poor Dad, 101.

2. Have the South American gov’ts appoint a committee to meet with potential investors (corporations et al) to fund and build an inter-continental railway system (Southern Trans-American Railway System = STARS).  It should connect all the major economic centers and cities of SA and then connect to the North American railway system through central America and Mexico.  It should also have cargo airports, that fly the goods and services from SA to the rest of the world, say, C-130’s or some other large cargo birds. It might even create a new NYMEX to draw funds for trading the railway’s goods and services.

Corporations could build entire cities, by buying up the land dirt cheap in advance, where the railway system is scheduled to run.  These could be the jewel cities of South America, since corporations do everything with excellence, and governmental interference should be limited, so that it won’t be able to wreak havoc with the project (in traditional fashion).

The US connected east and west by a railway system in 1871 (golden spike, Promontory Point, UT), the results of which created the largest economic powerhouse in the history of the world to that point — the US industrial economy.  We could do the same thing again with South America, which is some 5+ times bigger than the US.

These should create trillions of dollars annually for the global economy when fully operational, given the trade synergy involved, and the global economic boom likely to result.


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