A Brief Confession: Of the All-Wise God and His Glorious Character

The All-Wise Creator is one God only, and one Person only.  And there are no other true deities, or demi-gods, of any kind whatever.  The so-called “doctrine of the Trinity” clearly departs from the Monotheism of Solomon, having both disastrous logical and sociological consequences, including the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the West in 565, and the Fall of the East and Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks in 1453.

The Unfathomably wise Plastaes is a most wise, supremely kind, compassionate and pure Person, the only Creator of all things, most practical in prudence. He is child-like, playful and soft-hearted toward those who love Him, as a father is to his children, but just and stern with those alienated from him by choice, as a judge relates to the less-than-legally-minded; and yet He maintains mercy in judgment whenever possible.

The Exalted, Most High King of Wisdom has no body, no parts, and no appetites; nor has He any special, “local presence,” (as in a Temple or Church) and does not live in temples made with human hands, nor has He ever done so.  Instead, He remains omnipresent, upholding, sustaining, and leading, guiding and governing all things, so directing them to the historical goal He intends.  He does so without interfering in any knowable or direct way with the contingencies of human freedom, but rather establishes such freedom by His Own Transendence, which similar freedom he has granted to all his creatures, with mankind having the better part.  The Plastaes is most free and graciously uses His freedom to beget and sustain ours.

He neither knows the unknowable — the extremely-distant future — nor does He wish to, since such knowledge would ruin our freedom, and our ability to love [Him] freely, rendering us robotic [altogether determined], were it otherwise.  While He knows — instantly and comprehensively — all that can be known, He knows all that He knows LOVINGLY and KINDLY, which divine love requires Him to restrict His own knowledge of the future in order to secure our freedom to love Him.

This means that he Architect of all has never “inspired” any so-called prophet to write “divinely-inspired writings,” [Which would remove such freedom] and which writings were not from the beginning, but which man-made tradition instead began with [a fictitious] “Moses” in or around the early the twelfth century.  Instead, our beloved Creator  speaks abundantly clearly to us all by the light of nature, and seeks to bring all men to the love and obedience of Wisdom that brings to us by design love, life, value, excellence of virtue, joy and peace.

God does not do miracles since the close of the creation, and does not want them. These would undermine the necessary preconditions (e.g. the uniformity of nature and principle of induction’s analogy of past and future) for doing science and rational analysis.  Unique events continued after the creation events would thereby undermine the possibility of knowledge, and ruin our understanding of the causal nexus, or how causes relate to their effects.

The Great King of Wisdom remains altogether rational and loving at all times, never ceasing to show love in order to behave rationally; nor does He ever sacrifice wisdom (which needs rationality) in order to show love. He is a fully-integrated and unified, divine Person, with no one of His attributes ever impeding, but rather at all times, completing (making perfect), all His other distinct and magnanimous traits.  He is the very source and ultimate definition of all excellence and virtue.


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