How This Whole “World Peace” Thing Really Works

Everyone who has ever lived has at some point craved and end to all the excessive violence.  In effect, we all want world peace. I do not believe that it is never as elusive as the naysayers would have us to believe.  In fact, it may well be possible for an enterprising group of young people, or even cranky old dudes, to engineer it.  Here’s how it works.

God actually judges in the real world by a principle called “Lex talionis,” or mutual (reciprocal) judgment in like kind. “With the measure you use, it will be meted out to you.”  Many have noticed this “comes around, goes around” effect in life, and some like to call it “Karma.”   Here is an example of this effect, which (given our hi-tech world and high-speed communicative abilities) you can now watch on CNN.  Recently, a group of islanders killed about a thousand dolphins, and very shortly thereafter, God brought a Tsunami against the island and killed about a thousand islanders in retaliation. Remember, we seem to God as the animals seem to us — silly, without basic understanding, and brutish. In fact, we are far more cognitively-bereft before God than any animal could be in our sight.  Thus, what we do to the animals implies what God should do to us – with our permission.

As a matter of reciprocal judgment, we have this interesting fact from December 26, 2004: “A 9.1-magnitude undersea quake off Sumatra island caused a tsunami that killed 220,000 people in countries around the Indian Ocean, including 168,000 in Indonesia.”  See article at bottom —

This followed precisely upon Christmas. Note the date. Many in Indonesia (A high-concentration Muslim nation) began celebrating Christmas, an idolatrous holiday.  And they were judged by their own standard.  Islam calls for the death penalty for idolatry.


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