How Current Animal Abuse laws Forbid the Execution of All Animals

The argument from the lesser to the greater is a famous one. It has been enshrined in the halls of justice in just about every judicatory from here to Hong Kong, including the U.S. Supreme Court.  The lesser forms of abuse against animals strictly forbidden under current law — and there are many — thus necessarily imply that the ultimate abuse against animals is strictly forbidden by law — a fortiori.

That means that today, when anyone of us eats fish, chicken or cheeseburgers, we are aiding and abetting a crime after the fact as an accessory to the crime (ex post facto) of extreme animal abuse.  We must consider than when we do this, we are not only causing the poor animals extreme agony by encouraging the repetition of the barbarism responsible for the production of this meat — the slaughter of innocent animals who committed no crimes and do not deserve that punishment — but we offend the Lord who gave them life in the first place by repealing his decision to give them their lives.

We must be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.  These are God’s pets.  Consider a parallel analogy, that it is not okay to hurt a human, but it is okay to slay one.  This is madness.  It hardly matters what the reason given for the action is, excepting retaliation mediated by a lawful court — if the person in question also killed innocent people.

As a consequence of our holocaust practices, and meat-eating frenzy in this country, 40% of all Americans are scheduled to become medically obese by the year’s end of 2030. This is dangerous to all those people, and it drives up both the cost of food and medical expenses greatly.   Current stats at Wikipedia for the entry “Obesity in America” indicate that “The obesity percentages for the overall US population are higher, reaching 19.4% in 1997, 24.5% in 2004, 26.6% in 2007, and 33.8% (adults) and 17% (children) in 2008.”


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