The Wisdom of Wall Street: The Bottom Line IS the Bottom line

The humorous saying noted in the title of today’s post intends to convey a specific and important point, which Solomon stated thus: “The wealth of the wise is their crown.”   Wisdom of its very nature draws the blessing of God — long life is in her right hand, in her left hand are riches and honor; she is a tree of life to those who find her, and those who lay hold of her will be blessed.”   The blessing of the Lord makes one rich, and he adds no trouble to it.  This point means that the true religion will always draw the divine blessing.  So when you are looking for the true religion, study the question of the bottom line.  Nations where Roman Catholicism is prevalent always share the same characteristics — poverty, lack of technology, lack of good plumbing generally available, relatively LOW GNP and GDP for the national economy, rampant superstition and mixing of belief systems (syncretism), very little science (sometimes obstruction of science as with Galileo being placed under house arrest by Cardinal Robert Bellarmine [later Pope Pius XI], etc.   These are the same general, national traits one finds where the religion of Islam is present also.  Islamic nations would have almost nothing were it not for the oil money obtained by western technology (The US built Aramco, the Saudi state oil company, and trained its engineers).

Coincidentally, only the Vatican and the Ottoman empire together refused to sign the Christian “Holy Alliance” that all of Europe signed from 1815 to 1819.  This treaty bound the Christian monarchs in Europe in a brotherhood of Christian charity, each one toward all others.  The Vatican and the Islamic Ottoman empire showed themselves of like kind in their preferences, not merely in their national characteristics.

The Reformed, protestant nations, however, display precisely the opposite national characteristics — good education, prevalent science and technology, relatively high Gross National Products (GNP’s and GDP’s), generally high level of education and less superstition and magicalism (and little syncretism), etc.  These are nations like Switzerland, Denmark, Great Britain, Holland, the US (which was called a “Christian nation” by its supreme court for the last time in 1932), Germany, etc.   It is clear and obvious from the bottom line that Reformed Protestantism is much closer to the true religion than either Romanism or Islam, which are miserable (quite literally, see the “misery index”) alternative options.

Still much more profoundly correct is the Solomonic deist option, which as one can easily see, though it has only been revived for about 3 years now (progressively) is already worth trillions of dollars to the world economy.  See my blog posts below on this topic, which prove the point.  If we were to judge from the teaching that we know a tree by its fruit, and that the bottom line is the bottom line, this religion would clearly be the correct option, and would quickly rule out its rivals on a fiscal basis.

Since the Lord wants profitable servants, and Alexandrian Solomonic deism creates these more than all other  religions, we should have to prefer it as that most favored by the divine testimony known as the light of nature.  Here are some questions worth asking:

1.  How much science did the civilization of “Septuagintal” Alexandria yield?  Compared to Roman Catholicism?

2.  It is possible to show that, according to the wisdom tradition of king Solomon, that Solomon was wiser than Jesus.  See my blog post on this topic. Why is this so easy a case to make, and what does it mean for Christianity?

3.  Why do not Christians provide trillions of dollars for the global economy?  If they did, could they do it in 3 years? What other religion can?

4. Of the religions we know of , which is the most profitable the planet?  Which one developed the charity machine? (Is the most charitable?).  How long did it take?  According to the Vatican’s own records in 2013, it yielded only 8 million dollars over and above its operation costs, all of which came from donations.  This means the Vatican produces no value for anyone, and its vampires its way into existence for all its operation costs.  In short, it is absolutely worthless when considered on a “net worth” basis.   The numbers don’t lie, even if the Vatican does.

The Lord wants profitable servants.  This means He wants an improved bottom line.  The wealth of the wise is their crown, and righteousness exalts a nation — but the Vatican is shrinking and failing.  It yields no good fruit.  To be sure, Protestant nations show some good fruit, but they nearly always also come with environmental damage and many other social ills — presenting to us a mixed bag of blessings and curses. All the Christian nations mentioned above that produce good cultural features are at this moment very deep in debt.  The United States has more than 117 trillion dollars as its total debt load (unfunded liabilities), while the total amount of money (currency) in circulation around the world (the so-called “M2 money supply”) is about $45 trillion.

The bottom line here?   The Alexandrian and Solomonic Deist paradigm is the obvious choice for the true religion on the basis of net worth and productivity.


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