The Earth Care Package

My new program that I am recommending for planet earth is a charity machine extreme.  The program divides the earth into seven regions and constructs a fiscal machinery invested in the global market, that repeats exactly seven times, as a single sevenfold copy, identical in each region.  The standard “region” package consists of a small series of irrevocable trusts, interwoven to yield maximum benefit to the planet by providing enough of an economic substrate to create both a predictable and ultra-stable foundation upon which to grow the region’s economy.  Probably its greatest benefit would be the elimination of all taxes in all regions, except for a single 5% region-wide (global) sales tax.  Collected tax income for governments would become obsolete.

Corporations and nations spend billions of dollars every year in the form of derivatives, insurance and the like just to accomplish such stability.  The trust package also causes predictable economic growth in each region as well by funding the development of its intellectual capital (corporations, businesses, and the academy).   These benefits and more flow from the following trust matrix:

1. A Feeder Trust.  This begins with 1 trillion dollars, and is invested in the markets.  It feeds the other trusts by rolling into them equally its annual yield of 10% (the average return on investment yielded by the stock market.  This causes all the other trusts to grow every year in ability to cause the growth and stability they provide.  Over time as this fund becomes less necessary (fewer poor people exist in growing economies, since they all get educated and hired), its funds can be rolled into the Fund for the creation of more businesses and corporations, and/ or the academy trust.

1A.  A general Feeder trust (one that spans all other feeder trusts and feeds each regions feeder trust) begins with 5 trillion dollars.

2. The Academy Trust.   This begins with 1 trillion dollars and funds the building of universities and colleges, and libraries, and it also provides scholarships for their favored programs — region wide.  Any money left over should roll over into the creation of a new trust, for specific region-wide needs that may develop in that particular region.

3.  Capital Markets (Business and Corporation) development Trust.   This  begins with 1 trillion dollars and provides for the development of start-up businesses, promotes profitability in the region, enables collaterlization of national currencies (equity securities can be used for this), real estate development, etc

4.  Care For the Poor and Needy Trust.   This begins with 3 trillion dollars and can be fed temporarily by any trust with left over money, as well as permanently by the feeder trust. This provides for high-quality medical insurance (bulk purchase is cheapest), food and clothing, good shelter and the like.

5.  Stock Exchange and Fiscal Sector Development (Banking, etc) Trust.   This has one trillion dollars also.

6.  Administration of Justice and National (regional?) Security Trust.  This has one trillion dollars also

Questions — who does the distributing of the funds?  Each region has a fund-distributing committee appointed for it by the board of directors of the top 100 corporations and businesses — they each have one vote.

Who funds it?   The United Nations takes charge of it and retains it under its authority, but the system is set in place with funding from the UN only so far as necessary to see to its permanent