Crucifixion as the Centerpiece and Problem of the Christian Worldview

The Christian Gospel portrays a crucified Christ at the center of the universe.  But this presents a significant problem for several reasons —

1. It is human sacrifice.  For God to do something “good with this” after the fact and to bless what He forbids would apparently pit Him against His own will, and make all who do this an accessory after the fact, construed in courts normally as “aiding and abetting a crime after the fact.”

1A.  Since the time of Constantine, crucifixion has been outlawed as a form of capital punishment, for it was far too inhuman and cruel; Crosses and crucifixes in public display therefore amount to the promotion of what is illegal as a religious ideal; it should be against the law to promote after the fact (aiding and abetting a crime after the fact) in public cruel and unusual punishment as a religious ideal.

This fact implies the legal abolition of the public diplay of all crosses, religious crucifixion accounts and images promoted as a virtue, and the like — that is, when offered as a religious ideal (which suggests extreme torture as a good thing).

Crucifix religion has in fact historically incited crusades (Constantine believed he heard a divine voice saying “In this sign [the cross] you shall conquer”), inquisitions, the conquistadores and their genocidal rampages, “bloodletting as medicine,” and a host of other horrors practiced in the name of religious “good works,” including the burning alive of “heretics,” people who get the wrong answer on the theology pop quiz.

The visual incitement and encouragement to believe and act as though crucifixion were a “good thing” (when used by God, for instance) cannot be understood properly apart from its original and only intended use — the total, and quite barbaric, destruction of humanity, body and soul.  Ironically, this is just why Constantine outlawed the practice.

It would hardly do to allow religions to promote by pubic display the “inherent goodness of presently-detonating nuclear weapons,” complete with mushroom clouds blessed by holy water. In this vein, the first detonated nuclear device was given the ominous and macabre name, “Trinity,” meaning to some, here is the Christian God (represented accurately, complete with anathemas).

2. Since it was carried out the by the wicked, it is the sacrifice of the wicked, which is (see Proverbs) an abomination, not acceptable, to the Lord at all

3.  Killing is forbidden from the beginning (Which condition is normative according to Matthew 19.4), which forbids Leviticus and its sacrifices, which in turn forbids the sacrifice of Jesus.  The NT characterizes these as “types and shadows” — the same type of thing — as the Messiah’s sacrifice (see 1 Cor. 5.17, etc).

4. The priesthood of Jesus is said to be that after the order of Melchizedek, and yet Melchizedek never offered any blood sacrifice whatsoever.  Nor did the Jesus of the Synoptics possess any of his primary (salient) traits of Melchizedek found in Hebrews — without father, without mother, without genealogy, without beginning of days or end of life. Not one of these is true of Jesus in the Gospels.


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