Trillions of Dollars More for the Global Economy

Here are several proposal to be developed later that could add trillions in value to the global ecomomy.

1. Our current annual work calendar lists some 123 days taken off in the United States. I assume that other nations have similar calendars.  If we instead made every day of the week, and each week of the year a work day, we could add some 50% or more to the global GNP.

Here, workers would each schedule with employers a different set of two days off — the first might have off Tuesdays and Wednesdays, while another might have off Friday and Saturday.   This would require about a hiring of 1-2/7ths of the current work force to fill out the labor time lost to the “evening and layering process of scheduled time.”  This would add  investment value over time as well that would be added to the markets, since much of the new earned income would become invested, from the discretionary money representing the new globally-added value.  Over a 20 year period, this could add about one half of one Quadrillion dollars to the world economy, or even more.

2. In the public and private education sector, every school should offer one course in “Charity and Human Values” — added first to the elementary school courses, again to the High School curriculum, and also to the collegiate courses of General Education.

We should do this also with a course entitled “Stock Market and Business 101.”  Both these courses would add extreme value over time to the global economy by new values, attitudes and skill sets.

3.  A new extremely intelligent video game could be created to construct simulated scenarios.  The could mimick highly complex situations accurately with new “hyper-intelligent” software, and with quantum computing.

a. One theory (mine) suggests that we could backtrack through history to isolate the most important catalytic trends and event-complexes that tend toward the blessing of cities, nations and the international community, or else in isolating the conditions or trends most dangerous to the general welfare in order to obviate them in advance.

One such world-historical trend and event program is Sid Meier’s “Civilization Revolution” whose jacket on back reads,

“Lead your civilization from the dawn of man to the space age and beyond.  Go head to head with history’s greatest leaders, as you wage war, conduct diplomacy, discover new technologies, and build the most powerful empire the world has ever seen.”

b.  A far more unsettling — but potentially profitable — software app can be downloaded from called “Plague Inc.”  Here, the (anarchist?) goal is to create an epidemic that wipes out the total population of planet earth.  The application shows an incredibly detailed account of just how plagues spread in the modern world.  By the converse application, this program could be used to learn to defeat the spread of any plague, and any parties that might deliberately promote them.

c.  Likewise, the spread of trade and historical development of markets could be used to create advanced trend extrapolation simulation software to show where yourcompanies goods, services and stores will likely proliferate with the greatest ease, given future market conditions.  Perhaps certain sectors or industries of the stock market, or else derivatives markets, could be evaluated similarly.

4. A human-volition interface could be created for councils that employ collective judgments and analysis of expert groups (researchers) using nanotechnology to interact with hyper-intelligent computers of the near future to spur new innovations and technologies like never before.  This alone could create trillions of dollars in new value to the global and national markets.


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