Sophic Deism And A New Covenantal Historiography

Here is my hypothetical (if you must treat it so) proposal for how God works all things together for the good of everyone in history, and how He shows the greatness of His Wisdom and goodness to all.   It is based on the principle of mutual, reflexive judgement offered in the same kind and measured accordingly by degree.  This picture of how things work takes its graphic from Heraclitos, where time “streams.”

God causes the influence of evil deeds by evil persons to be first mitigated and then progressively extinguished over time both by the effects of other evil deeds carried forward (bad canceling bad, so to speak) and by the compounding effects of good deeds encountered over time as more and more people find more powerful ways to impact the world around for the better by good works.

In other words, God brings entropy to diminish those introduced sources of extravagant entropic production — perhaps bringing and evil man to execute a second man (or many people) just like him who has done great harm already.  This would limit the evil to that done by one evil person instead of the far greater to be done by many evil people.  Evil can be used to cut off or limit evil, and good can be used to overrun or overrule the effects of evil persons by repairing, restoring and healing that which was harmed.

On the other hand, the little good that is done in this world by evil people — even an evil man might pet and care for his dog while treating people with disdain — God causes over time by the confluent rippling effects of other good deeds to compound as its effectual flow moves forward in time.  In this way, poneric effects cancel and diminish over time, while the effects of the good “mesh,” compound one another, amplifying their effects as the one interweaves with the others “Going forward.”

This means that the only thing that will eventually transpire into the future is the good that we do, and our evil choices will affect only into the relatively near-term future, eventually fizzling out, while the good effects speed ahead relatively unaffected.  Thus, the evil you do can only do permanent damage by limiting the effects (in some measure) of the good works that you do.  And this limiting can happen only early on in the intermeshing process — where the effects both good and evil originate closely together in time).  In the end, the good not canceled by the bad outruns and outlasts the effects of the evil which become more diminished with time.   The limiting effects of people in the future who do evil against the compounding good have exactly the same problem — their evil lasts only a little while, and God compounds your good deeds with the propelling influence of the good of others.

Suppose evil person A tries to limit your good influence in the future.  His evil influence is diminished by lex tal, by the evil of others,and your good is propelled by establishing and building it with the good influence of other good people.  That is, their limiting influence is cut in half, while your good-amplifying influence is doubled.

This is in short how God rules and causes good to win over evil.  As time moves forward and the compounding influence of the good accumulates, eventually it reaches a kind of “critical mass,” where mankind will learn how to convert our own somatic matter into somatic energy (per Dr. Einstein), and retain its form intact.  This will be the science and technology of the future — probably energetic nanotechnology — standing behind the religious doctrine of “glorification” to be understood in terms of physics and chemistry in the future, but with a religious explanation found also in the light of nature.

This is how we actually inherit glory, by progressively better obedience to the light of nature in the sciences, free markets, technological innovation and the like, not by death and resurrection.  We inherit by obedience unto blessing and life, not by death and dying, which so far as I can tell, have never done anyone a damn bit of good.

The definitive and real goodness of God then resident in the light of nature comes to expression representatively through the good and wise works that we do in dependence upon Him — goods and services, mercy and charity, etc — and these God multiplies in their effects over time, while diminishes evil effects by reflexive judgment with evil influence pitted against evil influence.  The good thus God establishes, blesses and amplifies going forward until it reaches a critical mass of “Glory day.”   Miracles not included (Just good science, technology and free-market capitalism with the divine blessing added by vegetarianism and monogamous relations, menaing obedience to the light of nature more generally.

Then human life shall last a very, very long time, after a manner and appearance of which we would now call “angelic” by metaphor.

What should we conclude from this?  Now is the most important time in your life to begin investing in your future.  By prayerfully trusting in the goodness of God to hear your petitions for wisdom and mercy, we can work collectively to learn the most powerful ways yet to bless those around us, and inherit a just and most generous reward in the future by the Lord God’s blessed hand.  It’s time to get busy doing good works, and that more strategically and powerfully than ever.

There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord.   A patient man has great understanding.

By mercy and charity sin is atoned for, and he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.



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