The Abjuration of All Religious Anathemas

An “Anathema” or else in Greek, “katathema,” names a particularly malignant aspect of bad religion from the Solomonic Deist perspective.  These formal, judicial curses pronounced (often) at Christian Church councils represent exactly the opposite of what religion is supposed to be about.

The purpose or intention of an anathema aims to send the “target” (recipient of the curse) to hell or the lake of fire eternally, the more mundane counterpart to which would amount to living in a blast furnace for all eternity — the total destruction of the human person (see also crucifixion), with torturous and utterly barbaric repair added continuously just so that the torture can continue indefinitely.

Besides showing utter disdain for the human person and his value, this sadistic (and false) doctrine portrays the All-wise and merciful God as a sort of psychotic Hannibal Lector.  It goes directly against the blessing with which the Lord of creation endowed his “ktiseos” (created cosmos) from the beginning.  Please note also that Genesis 14 runs contrary to the doctrine of hell by showing Melchizedek’s priesthood is a priesthood of blessing only.  That priest, like the Lord of creation, only blessed and never cursed.  Cursing is forbidden all throughout the Bible, “bless and do not curse…,” “Do not condemn (anathemas are the strongest form of condemnation possible) or you too will be condemned … “, etc.  The Lord’s example and the initial conditions of Genesis are binding in Matthew 19.4 upon all men forever, and this including blessing, and not cursing.

For those churches, individuals and other organizations that wish to join the ranks of those who would bless and show mercy instead of tyranny and hostility, I have prepared this renouncing (abjuration) of all religious anathemas which the Solomonic Deist community heartily invites any and all to enjoin, saying it either together in unison or else signing it, as I have. Here is the text:

We, the undersigned, reject, abjure and abhor in the name of the All-wise creator and the light of nature, all religious and secular anathemas and katathemas of any kind whatever, whether it is:

  • Conciliar of biblical
  • oath-based (oaths are self-imposed curses), or else by imprecatory prayers, Psalms (e.g. 109), or other cursing liturgical elements of any kind
  • Explicit, implicit, or both
  • connotative, denotative or both
  • e. from standards held as primary, secondary or even more remotely bound to higher authority, alleged only or real
  • verbal or written or both
  • from clergy, from the layity or both
  • from authorities (pretended or real domestic, ecclesiastical or civil
  • or any other kind of curse whatsoever

Moreover, we consign ourselves herein to true sorrow and regret over the evil deeds and curses uttered before us by our forebearers, and admit that we are both embarrassed and ashamed by their more failures in this regard; and we promise to seek restitution for any damages done under or by the previous curses, wayward councils, or other vindictive formal pronouncements, to the best of our abilities when we might discover the damages thereby accomplished. We promise instead to pursue the desire to bless God and one another, and to seek to bring the blessing of God to bear upon all — and to defeat the influence of all cursings — for the common good of all mankind, for the general welfare of humans, and that of the animals and all the creation of God, showing forth the goodness and wisdom of the Lord by our best efforts to imitate these with whatever grace God might bestow upon us.

Signature       ___Dr. Ptolemy Philadelphos Craig _

Please consider promoting this, or else a like document, among and to your friends, family or churches if you find it profitable.  Thank you for your kind consideration.


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