The Doctrine of the Trinity Rejoined

According to Romans 1, the light of nature shows God’s eternal power AND divine nature.  What is that divine nature? Well, it is NOT triune.

  1. No Jewish person ever conceived of the idea of a Trinity.  Nor did any “pagan” prior to the Christian era.  If the light of nature taught this doctrine, it would have occurred to very many people.
  2. Solomon had divine wisdom according to 1 Kings 4.  But that divine wisdom never suggested to Solomon that there was a Trinity.  His writings show no hint of any such notion.  Solomon, like all Jews (then and now) believed that God is one being and one Person, as the Shema indicates (Mark 12.28-30). No Jew has ever taught otherwise who remained “orthodox.”
  3. God is said to be “ontologically necessary,” meaning He MUST always exist, since Life itself cannot cease to be.  Our existence is contingent (optional, after a fashion, since we are mortal).
  4. Since God must always exist, and it is His nature so to do, he cannot exist as a Trinity.  This is because God, prior to the creation of all things, would be (on the Christian outlook) something like identical triplets — with each person of the godhead being equally divine.  This would render two of those Persons redundant, or UN-necessary, contradicting the ontological necessity of God.
  5. Man — male and female — is said to be in God’s image (even though the second commandment presupposes, and assures us, that God has no image).  There is nothing particularly triune about humans at all. Rather, each human is one person and one being.