My Top 1000 Song List

I have been thinking about it for a while, and I decided it would be a great idea for people to get to know each other if different folks that feel the need posted on their blog (or what have you), a top 1000 song list.  So I thought I would start a rough draft one, just for fun, that I update and edit regularly. Here are some of the ones I would begin with on my own list.  This list is no way in proper order of importance, and probably will not be for some time.  But here are some of the songs that might be on it.  This list is in a random order.  Only after I reach the listing of some 100 or so will I attempt to begin putting the ones I favor the most at the top of the list, on downward in order of actual preference.

  1. Backstreet boys —       a. shape of my heart  b. drowning   c. Incomplete

2. Kenny Chesney            a.    You had me from hello     b.  There Goes My Life    c.  Don’t Blink

3.  Lonestar                      Not a Day Goes By

4.   Avril Lavigne             When You’re Gone

5.  Doug Stone                  In a Different Light

6.   John Denver              a.  I’m Sorry    b. Annie’s Song

7.   England Dan, J.F. Coley     a.   Gone too Far    b.  Never have to say goodbye again

8.  Chicago                        a. Will you still love me

9.  Bryan Adams             a.  Here I am

10.  Debbie Gibson         Lost in Your Eyes

11.  Ptolemy Craig     [Songs I am writing] [You had better like your own songs, if not, what the H&^* are you doing writing music you don’t even like?][I count my songs as but a single entry].

a.   More Than You Know    b. It’s Not Enough    c. Stefanie’s Song    d.  Arielle’s Laughter  e. Theodora’s Song   f.  The Creator’s Song   g.  Alexandria’s Song   h. Samantha’s Song  i. live for the music  j. various remakes [A few others]

12. Lady Antebellum          Just A Kiss

13. David Gates/ Bread      Everything I Own

14.   REO Speedwagon        I Can’t Fight This Feeling

15.  Boston                            Amanda

16.   Barry Manilow             Mandy

17.  Taylor Swift                   a.   Back To December    b. Sparks Fly    c. Red

18.  Peter Cetera/ Cher        After all

19.  Keith Urban                  [TBA, not sure yet which one (s)]

20. Brad Paisley                 Good Morning Beautiful

21.  Lionel Richie               Stuck On You

22.  Orleans                       Love Takes Time

23.  Air Supply                  [Selections]







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