The New Sophic Deism: Where to Go From Here?

In order to continue my Wisdom quest, I have found it necessary to begin identifying the principles of the light of nature that we should be using in our studies and investigations. Here is a rough draft of the principles I propose as those of the light of nature (for now, expect revisions):

[I shall go about exploring these rules a bit more later on, if God wills it ….]

  1. Necessity or Economy  (Sometimes they call this “Ockham’s Razor”)
  2. Uniformity (Nature is said to be “uniform” by scientists and philosophers)
  3.  Profitability
  4. Clarity
  5. Correspondence  (“Veridical correspondence” means that true claims must “match” the real world)
  6. Rationality  (They call this rule “Coherence” in philosophical circles).
  7. Versatility  (Adaptability)
  8. Extensibility  (Capable of beneficial and rational growth)
  9. Symmetry  (Reflexivity; equity)
  10. Diversity
  11. Continuity
  12. Balance (Harmony)

In times past, I have had much to say about the core intellectual capital upon which different cosmologies and worldviews have employed to build social orders or civilizations.  Here, with Sophic Deism, we must likewise recall the Kuhnian point that “you cannot beat something with nothing.”  No tradition or paradigm replaces another unless it offers against its dominant rival theory or paradigm, an alternative that is at the least equally explicative (has the power to explain why things seems as they do), detailed and comprehensive.

Here are some of the innovations I believe that the Sophic Deist community must comprise to offer superior intellectual capital in order to promote the kind of civilization we would all like to see gain the upper hand:

  1.  The Book of Blessings and Prayers
  2.  Jesus and the Apostolic Fiction: The Myths of Christianity
  3.  Ancient Fictions and Myths: Hebrew Narrative as Mythology
  4.  Sophic Deism and the Glory of Free Market Capitalism
  5. Veganism and Animal Rights: What the World Needs to Know
  6.  A Work on the Promotion of Written Constitutions
  7.  A Work on World Peace Councils and Initiatives
  8.  A Grammar of The Meta-Greek Language  (Used by Sophic Deists)
  9.  An English Dictionary featuring only the Greek Words in the English Tongue (about 200,000)
  10.  A Systematic and Topical Exposition of Sophic Deist Beliefs and Practices
  11. A book Promoting the Wisdom of Rehearsed Speech and a Set of Index Cards to Get Started
  12. A Book Promoting Research-Based Education of the Mini-versities and Universities
  13. The Encyclopedia of Success   (historical profiles of highly successful people and inventions)
  14. The Shorthand Manual of Success  (A Listing with commentary of the most successful ideas, formulas, ratios, metrics, patterns, (tips, tricks, and tactics), rules and principles, lessons, floorplans and proofs).

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