The Literary Fictions of the Older Testament in NT Perspective

The NT heroes can fairly well be shown to be grand fictions.  Yet one can easily draw great and many similarities between these and their Older Testamental counterparts.  Many NT bible commentaries do exactly that.  So much so is this the case that it should serve to cast grave doubts upon the alleged historicity of the villains and the valiant persons of the OT legends as well, at least for those of us satisfied of the fictitious character of the New Testament.

Moreover, we should always be mindful of the incredible evidentiary gaps in our actual knowledge about ancient Israel.  Almost no real evidence (hard facts) exists prior to the 8th century before Pontius Pilate for anything regarding the biblical record, including any supposed existence of any prophet, priest or king.  Evidence of this kind outside the biblical culture is also extremely scant.

What this means — and never forget this — is that at this juncture in the history of archaeology, any claim about any supposed event complex, person or groups of persons from the 9th century or earlier leave the biblical record 100% in the driver’s seat.  This assumes way too much for my part, given the great resemblance between the NT record and its Older Testamental counterpart.  This suggests that they are (as it were) equally legendary, and the principle of skepticism should therefore have the right-of- way.  And the scholarly disposition toward the Older Testamental record should remain so until real evidence intervenes to the contrary.

I shall attempt to expand upon this thema more at a later time.


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