The Trans-National Constitution and World Peace Conference in Miami, FL (2017 – 22?)

As mentioned earlier, the transnational constitution — a kind of super-constitution for any or all nations to sign (creating extraordinary stability and predictability in the global and regional economies — currently continues undergoing its construction and facelift.  Here are some notes I continue to work on (chiseling now a little, then a bit, here and there).

The TNC aims to promote world peace and world prosperity by creating an environment extremely good for business.   How it works?  My constitutional theory runs thus:  history bids us consider that the first flourishing, written constitution caused the meteoric rise of the 13 stumbling colonies to the mightiest economic juggernaut the world has ever seen from 1776 to 1896 — in just 120 years.  Not only did the written constition make this possible, it prove the primary contributing cause to world stability — both political and economic — that eventually turned both the former Soviet Union and China into the fold of free-market nations.   In the mean time, just this ONE constitution,  JUST ONE, caused relative world-wide economic stability and peace.

Now imagine that a group of legal scholars and justices met to ponder all the best legal documents, with their best legal features composing and comprising in excellent order — a best of breed new constitution that takes into consideration all the good of the original and all the advancements since then, from say, the Geneva Convention Protocols and other excellent treaties, charters, trade agreements (NAFTA, CAFTA, etc), and put all and only the best of the advancements into one document — to bless the world.  Now imagine the that new super-constitution were voluntarily adopted by say 50 to 70 nations looking for better government or political reform (or just enlightened self-interest leading to greater wealth).

The world economy and political situation would utterly flourish if lady historie telleth a faire tale.  This briefly betells one world peace initiative, of which we have hundreds (many of like promise and profit) to consider during the Miami world peace conference.  Other topics range from funding cheap and excellent medical care (with worldwide access), to “good science and bad,” promising, new technologies,  defining Sopic Deism (It is a Deist conference, not a Christian conference), improving our research platform and strategies, funding national infrastructure development for the nations, and the earth-care package, the creation of a new form of math, called “Stochastic Geometry” — designed to enable new and profitable technologies and innovations — and the like.  This includes the reformulation and “smarting up” of both a new kind of ancient (“Deka-“) Greek, and a hellenized English (About 30% of the English language currently hails from the Greek tongue).

Providence permitting, I shall continue writing more upon this topic at a later date.