For 2000 Years, Xnty Has Sold the Barbaric “Blessing of Human Sacrifice”

I maintain that I am objective and impartial in holding that Christianity is, taken on its own terms, an evil, and even abominable, religion.  I shall briefly explore the reasons why I think this here.

  1. Christianity (foolishly and stupidly) teaches that God killed His own Son.   Anyone imitating this would be thought a first-order villain.
  2. It also teaches that this was done by “wicked hands” (Acts 2, 3.14, etc) “You [Jewish leaders] with the help of wicked hands put to death the Lord Jesus …”  This death, was a sacrifice, so it is said throughout the NT, and even a sin offering (2 Cor. 5.17, etc).
  3. The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord (Proverbs).
  4. Jesus is said to be a true human, and his death is called a sacrifice and a blessing.  This means that Christianity teaches the blessing of God by human sacrifice — a truly abominable doctrine.  Freddy Kreugers of the world UNITE.
  5. The teaching that one is to eat the body of Jesus and drink his blood (whether as a memorial or literally) detestably teaches cannibalism and vampirism — either as a detestable memorial, or a a detestable (real) snack.  This forms the intellectual capital that stands behind the horror film industry — it is horrific and disgusting religion.
  6. The fact that Christianity actually sells human sacrifice is proven from its own analogy.  It openly admits that Leviticus teaches animal sacrifice as the key to divine blessing, and it repeatedly compares the death of Jesus to the death of sacrificed animals.  This makes his death a human sacrifice — and in teaching that this is glorious, Christianity shows that it is most definitely Satanic.
  7. Satanists sometimes have been known to sacrifice animals — a ritual practice (foolishly and stupidly) approved by both Leviticus and the (Ma) Newer Testament — but rarely have they (Satanists) practiced human sacrifice.  The New Testament is in this respect worse than Satanism when judged by its own standards, since it recommends a “divine” human sacrifice, blaming this cosmic offense on God Himself.

Taken on its own terms, this stench of a religion is blasphemous, heretical, an abomination, satanic, murderous, barbaric, and unfitting even to mention it in public.  Amen.


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