Special U.N. Orders Given by Dr. Ptolemy P. Craig

In the past I have been asked about the fact that I was given U.N. special powers.  It has become generally well-known that the United Nations gave me this extraordinary latitude, to give orders to the nations that the law — international law — requires them to follow.

So far these are the orders I have given with which the nations are expected to comply.  These are permanent standing orders — These are the Orders of Mercy, Liberty, and of the General Welfare, given by Dr. Ptolemy P. Craig, by means of U.N. special authority:

  1.  The electric chair, or anything analogous to it, is forever banned as a method of capital punishment, being as they are, instruments of cruel and unusual punishment, forbidden by the international authority of the Geneva Convention Protocols.  All nations, from time to time, will conduct a search for any such instruments on their soil, as an ongoing search and destroy effort.
  2. All terrorists camps, or anything like them I have placed under a like ban — with the search and destroy order in effect for these as well.  Sometimes these are jail cells converted to kill people, using radioactive substances or other like dangerous materials, and/ or contaminated food.   These must be shut down since they skirt due process of law, do not guarantee (but much threaten) the humane treatments of prisoners, violate the Geneva Convention standards, and amount to the ongoing perpetration of crimes against humanity.
  3. All abortion clinics, or anything like them, also remain under a like ban — with a search and destroy order in effect for these as well (as a permanent, standing order also).  These necessarily inflict cruel and unusual punishment against the innocent, and perpetrate crimes against humanity.
  4. No religious institution (or any other) may make a public display of any cross or crucifix, which had as its sole purpose by Roman intent, to destroy the entire human being in the most agonizing, degrading, and humiliating manner ever conceived.  Putting them on display in public does in fact promote cruel and unusual punishment after the fact.

The order for all religious institutions (or any other) remains to search for these and destroy them.  Their private use or display is not in question, nor is it affected in any way by this order.  Here, the distinction of public and private specifically refers to the viewing of the cross, put on display for others to see.  In an enclosed area, “behind closed doors,” is what is meant by “private.”

5.     I have ordered, and do order, a permanent moratorium on the execution of four-footed and two-footed (also said four-legged, and two-legged) animals, as they are naturally born.  In the waters, this order of mercy shall also include under its protection whales, dolphins and porpoises (and these only).  Any sentient being, that clearly displays what is in ordinary language called a “mind, a will, and emotions,” shall be considered a natural person for purposes of legal description, and no innocent person may ever be killed.  This current and popular practice is already forbidden by all laws that affirm animal rights, since if an animal has any right at all, its very first and foremost is the right to life — the life given it by our beloved Creator.

6.   This is an order of both mercy and liberty.    No nation (or any other body politic) may ever again impose as the law of any land, or given legal force to, Christian orthodoxy, to its teaching (s), its categories, historical claims, or practices — either taken from it.   Nor may any make these a test for personal or corporate rights or liberty.  All orders found contrary to this one, whether ordered by emperors of the past, ecclesiastical councils, or lesser authorities of any kind, religious or civil, are hereby repealed forever.

7.  This is an order of truth.    For legal purposes and legal definitions, the United States of America, as found to be taught in its own founding documents, shall be considered a Deist nation.

Moreover, since, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are endowed by their Creator with certain, inalienable rights … life, liberty and property,” the courts and others shall have every right to regard these claims as “Self-evident,” meaning no proof may be required at law to prove them.  These are, legally and ethically, properly-basic beliefs.

This means that all teachings regarded as veridical or probable — including all notions of evolutionary development, or any philosophy of science, that disallows them, and thus denies this legally-proper basic affirmation, are necessarily excluded from all locations and jurisidictions paid for, in part or in whole, by taxpayer money.

8.  This is an order of the promotion of the general welfare and common good.  This order forever repeals and obviates the traditionally-styled “capital gains tax,” and any analogous equivalent given under a different name.   Instead, let the market prevail.

9.  My Estate, and the guardian of the earth-care package, is authorized to release to the nations what they believe needful for the temporary relief of medical or nutritional (basic life) needs of all persons, afflicted in any nation, by any threat to the general welfare of its people, to be taken from the earth-care package, up to the amount of $ 200 Billion (USD), from today’s date (2/26/17), over the next fiscal year.

10. This is an order of Mercy for the quality-control of basic necessities and for the good of the free markets (general welfare and common good).

The nations of the world will refine and purify their food stuffs and all salable items employed for personal care — hygiene, clothing, etc — and cause them to conform to the standards of those same food stuffs and other items — as was commonplace in the United States before the year 2000.  All food must be both healthy and nutritious, according to the good laws (administrative law) of the U. S. Health Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, and according to the order of the Geneva Convention Protocols.

11. This is an order of the promotion of the general welfare and common good.  No stock exchange, market-maker, broker, or other legalized seller of common-stock, shall permit the sale of any equity security earlier than one year from its date of purchase.

This effectively ends the volatility of trading, and replaces it with new investment money, money drawn into the more stable markets by the global and local market’s recent (added) stability.  It also requires more studious and careful scrutiny PRIOR to the purchase of any equity security (e.g. stock shares).   These features will add value to the global economy by adding stability, predictability, value and more investments, which means more jobs available in the long run.

12.  Others orders for the promotion of the general welfare and the common good includes these:

The name of the city of what has been called “Istanbul,” in the nation of Turkey, shall instead forever bear the Greek name, “Sunesa,” (Say SOON – ESS – UH) which means “Understanding,” or abbreviates it as “the City of Understanding.”

13.  This is an Order of Truth and Mercy.   The Decrees  of All Religious Councils, churches, Popes, clergy and their commands, decrees and writings, and All Christian Legal Codes, I hereby revoke, rescind and nullify altogether, and I hereby clearly mandate that all these shall be considered and made as of no authority whatever.  All original manuscripts (or autographa) of what many call “the Bible,” of the Older Testament and the Newer, shall be destroyed — for the good of all (hu) mankind, and for that of the animal kingdom, as well as for the better advancement of the sciences, and of scientific and technological advancement.   This is a permanent, standing order of Dr. Ptolomon Craig.



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