Aretology: Rethinking Virtue — Don’t Bother “Keeping the Faith” “Brother”

In my theological studies, I have come to some new conclusion, that have required me to discard some long-held (Christian) beliefs.  I no longer believe that faith and hope are virtues at all, and that the biblical metaphor for faith (pure gold) is actually fool’s gold.

Why do you now believe this, you say?  Because in most forms of theology, we consider that God contains and exhibits, by the light of nature, all forms of virtue, and to its greatest degree.  When held consistently, this requires some interesting conclusions.

Does God have all knowledge and wisdom?  Of course, He does.  Does He have faith?  Nope. Does He have hope?  No.  Why not? Since He has all wisdom and knowledge, He has no need of either of these.

But if God contains all virtue, and has not either faith or hope, then these are not virtues.  These are counterfeits, like the Donation of Constantine, that would in fact prevent us from pursuing and acquiring the better virtues (real ones) of wisdom and knowledge (instead) like God our Father.

Think it over.


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