Quitting Theology Like a Man

Another of my late-night insights bids me suggest that doing theology tempts one to take the wrong cognitive course of action.  We should instead be studying economics, philosophy, history, the literary arts and sciences.  Theology, it will turn out, pinions on the study of “religion as rooted in holy (divinely-authored, that is, forged and pseudonymous) books” — just what we do not want.

Philosophy, on the other hand, looks to the transcendentals (categorical and propositional), to rational, empirical and profitable modes of thinking — not Peter Pan mythologies and bogus, crucified-superman traditions.  We should “be doing philosophy” and not theology.  I have decided to quit theology like a man, and to embrace philosophy — the true love of wisdom — instead.

Its time for theologians to man up and drop out.


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