Update: I Have Returned by much Reflection to the 24 Letter Greek Alphabet as Best For Future Use

My earlier decision to attempt the 10 letter (best Greek alphabet as “short greek”) has taken an unexpected turn or three.  First, I underestimated the importance of the development of that language as a thoroughgoing SYSTEM.  The systemic character of the natural language in question implies that we should retain its earlier form, with the one possibility of restoring a letter dropped from the alphabet.  Some of the letters are, however badly formed and we should alter them to reflect the otherwise UNIFORM character of the alphabet.  “No curves allowed” remains a policy I pursue b/c of the linear character of the majority of the letters – the “B” I rewrite as a capital (but upside down) “Y.”  The Omicron is a diamond, as is the theta, but with a horizontal line bisecting it.  And the omega is a diamond with a straight (small) diagonal line transversing the lower right hand corner — looks a bit like a Q, but diamond-shaped. The Phi is also diamond shaped.   The “psi” is a square “field goal post” with the vertical beam ranging beyond the crossbar about half the way of the height of the other two (parallel) beams.

Moreover, the “qwerty” keypad on our computers shows the vowels grouped first, and then the consonants — H, A, E, I, O, V, Omega (Q). Then B, Gamma (and upside down L), D (a triangle), etc., in the same order as the consonants naturally appear WITHOUT the vowels intervening.

The numerical system I am using amounts to a geometric and universal (visual) form of mathematics.  The number 1 is simply a vertical line.  2 is a V. 3 is an equilateral triangle, and 4 a square, 5 an equilateral pentagon, and so on until 10, the equilateral decagon.   There is no zero, and there are no negative #’s, which (following Diaphontos of Alexandria), I regard as nonreal or imaginary — he called them “absurd.”  In the real world, it is not possible to distinguish the referent of “-3 oranges” from the set of “-3 apples.”  Both represent the null set.   Here apples and oranges form identical sets, showing the falsity of the implied referents (and their respective sets).

100 we write as “Decagon” with a small V raised to the exponent spot (upper right hand corner), meaning 10 to the second power.  22 we write as VV.  The resulting 10 picture-number system [the Geometric numeral system], where the number of laterals (sides) shows the values of the numeral used could easily be understood by an alien visitor from outer-space.  He could simply note the increasing number of laterals by the progress of 1 each time he moves from the number on the left to that next on the right.  Thus he could infer what he was looking at even without knowing one word of any human language.  This shows that the math system is rooted in the universal light of nature, and that Plato was in fact correct in arguing that the basic (or one of the most basic) form of human reasoning is geometric reasoning.   I followed Plato on a trial basis (from the Timaeus) to determine this form of alpha-numeric system as the best.

I am now working on plans for designing a brand-new computer technology, perhaps beginning with a hybrid between a calculator and a laptop, that employs this alpha-numeric system, together with other aspects of the new and developing “Dolphin” technologies implied by it. In other words, I am working on a new computer and a new computer language, to create a new first in dolphin technology –  a computer uniquely for dolphins that represents the first laptop supercomputer.   It aims to support the dolphin research platform, as well as supporting ambitious, hyperintelligent individual innovators in the cause of enhancing the value of free markets.

To this end I have been studying some of the current technologies of like kind, and have been shopping for languages and their best features — SGML tag-pair symmetry, etc. — in order to develop the ideal computer tongue for the dolphins and free marketeers (my favorite people).

I shall expand upon this blog post later when convenient (Providence permitting).


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