My Latest Update On Math — Date 2.8.19.

I have recently encountered something in my researches I never expected — the number series:

2, 4, 6, 8, which I now regard as the mathematical transcendental.   But there is something else — the rule of 72 indicates the very important, but relative, time frame — how long it takes to double your money.  It links time to profitability, and this is exactly right according to my ideal value SYSTEM — where any one part is interpreted in light of all the others.

72 surprises because it represents a kind of baker’s dozen — 8 eights and then one more — 9 eights.  This is a kind of “ceiling,” where the count starts over, the way we currently use 100.

In brief, what I mean is that I here supply something important left unattended by Kant’s studies.  What happened to the odd numbers?  The very same thing that happened to the non-positivies (zero and the negative number line) earlier.  Why the odd numbers deleted, and why the lone exception of 5?

  1. Every one of the prime numbers (irreducibles) displays an odd, never an even, numeral.
  2. Even numbers can easily derive odds (10  divided by 2 = 5), but the reverse does not always follow (5 divided by 2 = 2.5, not an even (whole) number.  Odd numbers often divide their products into fractions and other strange numbers — hence “Odd” numbers.  These may often (not always) yield REAL numbers, but they do not yield NATURAL numbers.
  3.  DNA provides the divine pattern of life, and it uses 2, 4, 6, 8 — Our beloved and unfathomably wise Creator prefers even numbers.  5 remains the lone exception at your fingertips (and toes).
  4. I have added 5 as a key natural (as in light of nature) because of the obviously handy character of it — environmental control requires it. Necessity reigns here.
  5. It is the very oddness of odd numbers that renders them other than UNIFORM, NECCESSARY and practical (i.e. other than prudent).  22/ 7 yields an imaginary number that must be rounded to make it practical.

Further studies on these points will challenge the notions of eternity and infinity, since the “mythical highest number” does not exist, so far as I can tell, and probably cannot exist.  Strangely, the circle, a geometric shape, either having zero sides, or else an infinite number, might provide a counterinstance to the claim that the infinite necessarily exceeds our cognitive grasp.

Conclusion: we should follow the natural numbers, rounding (by rules) when necessary, following the divine pattern of all life — it is divine in its origin, and was given immediately by the 8 gods and goddesses at the outset. Given advances in information theory and what we know of both DNA and numbers, it is possible to begin a wisdom tradition (written) with DIVINE information from the sciences of life.

Note: DNA has 64 letters, and the language I am working on should be understood in terms of (Sculpted by) the quantity transcendental.   I regard this number 72 as a kind of a game-changer.  It advances even beyond the 64 letters of DNA by precisely one eight — the baker’s dozen of profitability.   This is exactly what we need.  Profitable time calibrated in terms of life.