2000 Years Later, And They Still Haven’t Noticed (The Failed Messiah Challenge)

According to Mark, Jesus went throughout Galilee, healing everyone and casting out demons in their synagogues.  Healing keeps coming up, again and again, and in John these “miracles” of healing form proof that he is the Messiah — “If you do not believe my testimony, at least you should believe the works that I do” (John 5).

This man was supposed to be a prophet with excellent (perfect) foreknowledge — meaning he knew the important future.  Here is what this healing “Messiah” forgot to do:

  1.  He did not tell anyone about germ theory (1870+), or that by washing their hands with soap (they had hyssop) and water 3 times daily, they could live a whole lot longer.  In fact, if everyone in his day had done this, we could have saved hundreds of millions of lives and skipped the middle ages. Oops.
  2. Then there is the wonder of penicillin.  Not one word from our prophetic “Messiah” about this or any other antibiotic, which again, by themselves could have omitted the middle ages, saving millions of lives.  All that healing going on, and not one word about antibiotics, or even good nutrition.
  3. He said nothing about aloe vera, or any other herbals, now known to have excellent effects for helping to treat all kinds of problems.  Many of these were available in his locale and time period.
  4. He told them nothing about the importance of different vitamins, or gave any counsel that was good for their health.
  5. The steam engine was invented in 62 by Hero of Alexandria.  It ran the industrial revolution and still provides much of the power for our cooking, cleaning and hospitals.  Jesus knew nothing about it, and said not one word in favor of it, or of electricity that could make the lives of billions far, far better.

The bottom line here is that, given his supposed “prophetic foreknowledge” — good knowledge of the future, and given his demonstrated desire to heal (Acc. to John to prove he was the Messiah), Jesus was an utter failure as a healer, foreknower (prophet), and as a Messiah.  He was quite possibly the WORST Messiah he could have been, a super-negligent, criminally apathetic, and quite possibly the most idiotic — Messiah we have ever heard of.

Any person with even the slightest inclination to help people, who had his foreknowledge, would have been a better Messiah.  Jesus that guy was a failure.  Just like his jihad followers.  Amen.


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