Complementarity, Physics and life as a Gestalt.

As one might infer from reading the heading above, this post concerns life as a “Gestalt.”  These were the old cards containing dual pictures of dots, connected either one way — now yielding the portrait of an old hag, or now that way, showing a dot-portrait of a beautiful, young woman.  Then there is the rabbit that could have been a duck (or vice versa).

Physics shows us a gestalt kind of (dual) world, where matter (or else energy), bears a similar kind of duality (in many ways and at various times) especially on the Copenhagen read.

Here, I intend to show that light of nature, understood well by excellent science, has always been telling us the divine story of (finite) duo-monotheism.  We just weren’t particular good at listening to the story, with a few exceptions.

More about this topic later.


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