I ‘ve Newly Adopted a View Known as Hendiadic Polytheism

My view of the divine is best described as:

  1. Transcendent – The gods existed before, and do now exist “underneath” (at lower levels of scale) the creation. It is proper to say that they were born with the universe (Einstein), meaning in in their present (hendiadic) and 8-fold form, which is permanent and represents an extraordinary kind of progress in the development of both our supremely wise and benevolent Parents.
  2. Finite – Both of our (first two) divine parents, Father (the God) and Mother (the Goddess) are finite, but supreme, divine Persons. Others came later from them as by a kind of necessity (birth).
  3. Hen (One) – Diadic (two-) fold = Hendiadic.  The eight individual, divine, Persons, united into pairs at the Origin of the cosmos, causing the “Big Bang” — divine unity created our cosmos.
  4. The eight divine Parents we have think and live as one, in mindset (Wisdom and understanding), love, volition and purpose.  But they maintain their clear and distinct individuality as real persons. They grow and change together — their relationship is like unto a perfect (ideal) marriage, and community (family).  They complete each other (are complements One of Another).
  5. Eight-fold Theism.  All our divine parents are divine, necessary (Life cannot “not exist”) and transcendent — real Persons. They grow in understanding with the cosmos, and with us, but remain sufficient, inerrant and infallible in their governance of the cosmos.
  6. The divinities are quite free and optimal in every way, and our freedom depends upon Theirs (is derived from Theirs), so that it is quite real, and this limits our divine Parents’ knowledge of the future (which is considerable, but not total by any means).  Our divine parents love us in the extreme, and desire everything most excellent for all of us, especially wisdom and understanding, that causes us to thrive.

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