Update on the Wisdom Quest: The Double Helix and DNA as model

And now for something completely new, from the light of nature, that is so obvious (since Crick and Watson, 1961) that I cannot BE — LIEEEEVE that I missed it for so long.  Consider the following — Or beloved Creator (s) is/ are life, and DNA is life.  That is, DNA forms the building blocks for all of life.  God is life; DNA is life. Conclusion? In the world of cause-effect similarity, this means that the divine is very much represented to us (on purpose) as the “building language that shows us the divine.”

DNA is my new model.  I reached the same conclusion as that implied by the DNA model by a different life of critical reasoning I was already following when the “DNA model” epiphany awakened me from my dogmatic slumbers. The creation-event (“BB”) transpired when it did, and not earlier.  This suggested to me that something had to function as a bridge between our PERMANANENT and necessary divine parents (2 as suggested by complementarity), and the CHANGING world of history (post-creation).  This “Bridge” I was beginning to suspect was the offspring (twins) of the union of the necessary and first “2.”  These divine beings actually grew and matured (unlike their divine parents), after the former two united.  The changing and growing two grew up into maturity and became identical to their parents when they united, and this second uniting, which bound all four together in a group of two pairs (like DNA) caused the birth of the cosmos, or creation event.

The second divine “generation” yielded the BB creation event. As some have said, “Two witnesses establishes a matter.” This would in fact explain complementarity of the Inanimate world, and the double helix (complementarity of the ANimate world) as a kind of doublet of pairs, just the way that DNA appears to us.

I believe that duality as ultimate in fact implies this conclusion also: 2 implies the pair, which in turn implies 2 pairs, precisely (4).  DNA does in fact bear exactly four proteins (G, C, T, A), and they bond in pairs only, highly specific ones, never traversing the line between the one (pyramidines) and the other (purines).  Life is in fact a pair of pairs — nothing less, or (quantity-wise) more.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have four gods, or more precisely (by analogy of X and Y chromosomes) 2 finite gods, and 2 finite goddesses on our hands.  They live in a bonded unity or pairs, and form a single divine mind (displayed to us as the light of nature), which is greater by far than any one of them individually, and may be greater than all of them individually — which is why they do not exist AS merely individual Persons.

Although our divine parents may be finite, we should never forget that were we to encounter one of them, we would never be the same, and would probably be spell-bound with awe and wonder. They are IDEAL divine Persons, of unimagined beauty, wisdom and power.  There is no good reason that I know of that would prevent them from taking human form and speaking with us, except our own immaturity and foolishness.

And although they could in fact use language (they would only employ the most excellent and very best, called the IDEAL LANGUAGE — their only and native language — or else the one closest to it that is the best we could use, which looks something like DNA and its base-8 math structure.  Perhaps this would combine with other principles of the light of nature to yield its more mature form.

Our immaturity in part consists in that, after all this time (thousands of years), we have yet to expend sufficient time upon the task of discovering and producing the ideal language which the wise would indeed use to communicate with each other.  We will in all probability not make “first contact” until we obtain the ideal language of our divine parents.  Neither will our prayers be heard in any way as so clear a YES! might be each time we pray (and so often), until such a future moment as we learn to pray in the divine tongue.


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