Report: Breakthroughs in the Study of the Ideal Language

Since my recent insights regarding DNA as the intermediate source of life common to us all, I have begun a renewed emphasis upon a more meticulous study of the human anatomy (that is, human design) as a teaching template to show us what we need to know.  For lessons in language, we look to the way our divine parents have created our mouths.  They are both binary and tetratic (4-fold) in every way).

At the first, I considered these features individually, but then later (at the present) I came to think of the parts of our bodies as what we should count TOGETHER in the basic unit of life — one man, plus one woman — which doubles the number of our parts, and in doing so, reveals new insights.  What at the first seems to be a series of 5’s and 10’s (the fingers on two hands and toes on two feet) all of a sudden melt into units of 2(s) and four(s) instead.

If we consider the thumbs on the hand to be something by design other than a finger (its own kind of thing), and then consider them as a set with two people in mind (an appointed pair), then we have four thumbs and 16 fingers. The same could be done with the toes. We could easily adduce further evidence for this view from an cursory examination of the mouth, which moves me to my next topic: the mouth design and ideal speech.

We each have 32 teeth. As a “married pair” (husband and wife “twins”), this gives us 64.  64 is precisely the number of letters that make up the alphabet of DNA.  Language constructs culture and alphabets construct language.  This looks like to me that we should have 64 letters in the ideal alphabet. The teeth, constituted as they are by enamel, are very hard (enamel is the hardest substance in the human body). But the lips and tongue form soft tissues.  Speaking needs all of these components (hard and soft), and this suggests that we are to speak the truth (which can seem very hard) in kindness and compassion (softly), but never by sacrificing the least important truth.  We are to be hard about maintaining the truth (in other words) but soft in the delivery of it.

Onto the letters of the ideal alphabet — here, it seems that symmetry shows up everywhere. The teeth we have are unique up to the number of eight, and they repeat eight times as sets, giving us a total of 64 teeth, represents as 8 symmetrical units. Each tooth is symmetrical after a fashion, showing a binary character. One is even called a “BI-cuspid.”  The question is, how do we have the same letter, with a different sense, 8 times?  One way it could be done in writing is by giving each of the 8 letters its own distinct color (using 8 distinct colors).

In the math of DNA (with the math-form base “2, 4, 6, 8”), the number 8 is the highest number.  64, of course, squares this number. The four proteins in DNA have a unique status as formative for all life, so none of this takes what we think of as the number of true deities any higher than this number (4).  But when it comes to language, the teeth tell the story, not exactly the 4 proteins (directly).

Another form of reasoning that helps here comes from philosophy. Plato held (with many Greeks) the geometric reasoning represents that form of reasoning most basically constitutive of the human mind — what some would have called “properly basic” to the human design, and other would much later call “transcendental” under the label “Quantity” — as in, “quantities, qualities, modalities and relations.”

In geometry, the square represents a kind of “perfection,” because it is symmetrical and can be formed by two right angles only, with two sides (equilateral) — it is a pair of pairs in other words, like DNA.  A kind of “Double perfection” then, would be represented by the equilateral Octagon. This shape is what I believe best represents the divine Persons we serve by our wisdom quest.  The equilateral Octagon to me represents both the wisdom quest, and the Divine Creators, our blessed parents and beloved gods and goddesses.   Those who favor it could find a way to produce a T-shirt with the “e-o” on it, showing to those who understand it, that we are on the same side. Future architecture will also bear this shape. I plan on living in a two-story octagon-shaped house — two octagons stacked one atop the other — to appear as a kind of double torus “House.”

In any case, 8 is in fact the highest number in the math-form of DNA (life-math).  The Octagon symbolizes the math of life, and the greatest number in a finite world.  It forms the basis also for the ideal language.  And this also suggests that our divine parents may in fact exist as double toruses, since they are ideal and four in number, and yet 8 is its doubling, and since the DT represents the IDEAL situation for energy flow. Admittedly, this much remains speculative on my part, and I do not in any way consider it established, but only worthy of consideration.

One last point about language.  So far as I know, of the influential and modern tongues, only the Russian tongue offers anything close to correct number of letters. It has 33.  Arabic has 28, English has 26, ancient Greek (24), and ancient Hebrew had 22.  It also had no vowels. This brings up the OR question (Ockham’s Razor is “OR”) — do we need vowels for the ideal language, or should we count them profitable (to include them even if not nec.) by the principle of added value (criterion of material adequacy as profitability)?

The written Hebrew language functioned without vowels. Later on, for some, this became a problem — for instance, if we wanted to translate it into Greek (watch out for the Goyim and their trickiness) — which did have vowels, which vowels from Greek do we assign to which consonant letters in Hebrew?  Dunno.  OR seems to favor the Hebrew way.  But does profitability, or symmetry favor it?  I shall continue investigating these questions.

Prior to my new (mister toothiness) insights about alphabets I had narrowed down my search to 16 letters –then the whole “tooth analogy” dawned on me.

I have much more to say about the ideal language, and will continue to report my findings on this topic (and those related to it), as time and providence afford opportunity.

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