The Study in the Topic of Our Beloved gods, goddesses and Life

The math of life (2, 4, 6, 8) and DNA suggests that this represents the highest numeral value in the most basic math sequence as 8.  8 exhibits the symbol showing the highest number, or superiority concept — or “the greatest in magnitude.”  In my earlier blog posts, you can read that I had reasoned from life – the two base pairs (and 4 proteins) of DNA — together with other arguments — to the cosmogeny of 4 deities.

Here, I begin to expound why I now believe in 8, and why this number could not be higher for any reason — the superior magnitudinal nature of 8.  This corresponds to the eight “human design” values — our reason for being here:

Wisdom, love, life, beauty, value, joy, success and (very importantly) honor.


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