The Study in the Topic of Our Beloved gods, goddesses and Life

The math of life (1, 2, 4, 8) or [the “accretive”] math of doubling and DNA suggest that this represents the highest numeral value in the most basic math sequence as 8.  8 exhibits the symbol showing the highest number, or superiority concept — or “the greatest in magnitude.”  In my earlier blog posts, you can read that I had reasoned from life – the two base pairs (and 4 proteins) of DNA — together with other arguments — to the cosmogeny of 4 deities.

The math of life bears positive integers only, nothing negative and no “zero” quantity indicators.  Remember that the transcendent [and necessary] nature of human people — means that the math that we use has a tendency over time to create what it names and identifies as real in the real world. Our math, as a function of our language, forcefully and really tends to create what it allows and promotes.  So negative number math creates extraordinary debt loads over time when applied to the world of economics.  We have seen this in recent history. In the modern period, huge debt loads accrued to almost every nation.  Each was using the non-accretive math of negative numbers and zero q-indicators.  We should (must) go the other way.  The math we employ should promote only the abundance of asset-value in the world of economics.  Instead of subtraction, we can use the concept of replacement of value.   We could do the same for division — that is, we could find a substitute operation for “dividing” that replaces the idea of the “value loss” in math, favoring one of growing abundance instead.

In any case, back to 8 as the superior single-digit #.   Here, I begin to expound why I now believe in 8, and why this number could not be higher for any reason — the superior-magnitudinal [biggest #] nature of 8.  This corresponds to the eight “human design” values — our reason for being here:

Wisdom [and understanding], love [and kindness], life [and flourishing growth], beauty [and majesty], value [and proiftability], joy [and happiness], success [and progress] (very importantly) honor [and dignity].

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