New Insights: the Ideal World is the Real World

This post will doubtless meet with extreme skepticism. But I plan to prove my point here, as usual.  As almost everyone would suggest, this identification, the real with the ideal, encounters too many obvious counter-instances — meaning every tragedy you might read of in the news that makes the headlines.  But these do not clinch the debate so easily as one might imagine.  There’s more.

Recently, in my continuing studies, I began to ponder the point that only one real world exists, and that, when the (more) ideal world arrives via progress of whatever sort, the referent — that thing that our words intend to point at when we say “ideal World” will index exactly the same referent we name today when we say “real world.”  The TRAITS of the real world might change, but not the matching referent to the phrases, Real world, and Ideal World.

Proof 1 — the terms bear precisely the same “extralinguistic referent.”   Think on this.  There never has been any “fall.”  I believe this blog post is an absolute paradigm-shift – in – the – making.  I shall attempt to post more about this subject later.



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